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Starting in 2021, I plan to photograph at least 5,000 people in the more than 50 African countries and to form a common, collective face of the African continent from all the individual portraits.

To give Africa a face in this way - that thousands get the feeling of being a part of something big and valuable through their participation - it does not only need an idea and my personal energy and strength, it needs many who support it, so that the portraits can be taken on location and the result - a common face of Africa - becomes visible on different platforms.

However, the idea of portraying thousands of people from an entire continent only became realisable when, due to Corona‘s travel restrictions in 2020, I developed various computer- and internet-based formats by means of which corresponding portraits can be taken both online and offline (by other people).

please click here: Project outline as a PDF-document and Instructions how to photograph

and here for the french version: Aperçu du projet sous forme de document PDF et des instructions sur la façon de photographier

e agora a versão portuguesa: descrição do projecto como PDF-document e Instruções de como fotografar

bitte hier klicken: Projektbeschreibung als PDF-Dokument und Anleitung zum Fotografieren


FACE OF AFRICA #03 Benin #01 Mensah Family
SONAFA - eine bessere Zukunft für Menschen in Benin e.V.

FACE(S) OF AFRICA #12 Congo #01 Huguette Studio in Kinshasa


Supporters: Managers without Borders, Helene Prölss