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HR - Projections onto painted Screens

Wolf Nkole Helzle (projections) & Günther Reger (painted screen and sounds)

The totally to a spatial, staged color field painting committed painter Günther Reger painted and stamped serial large canvases with structured uniform / non-uniform patterns in terms of a large raster image with 1728 pixels and treats individual subareas with translucent illuminants (1120 pixels). Reger now installed up and down dimming light combined with black light, which using a computer automatically switched interval make more visible image planes visible.

Media artist Wolf Nkole Helzle's accumulated over many years of previously unseen images fundus, which he has selected for his projections of such provoked areas beyond consciously apprehended: "Sometimes I have the impression that our sense of sight is so soldered that I would like to show defaced really valuable pictures only blurred or otherwise ". The image-packed sign language, which developed Helzle for this joint work unfolds in cooperation with Reger's illuminated painting a quite magical space to be mentioned.  Terms such as deconstruction, sharpness in the blur associated with questions of polluter structures include the topic here. The image information itself remains encrypted.

So Imagine a darkened room, on the one wall Reger's painted screen in 4 x 3 m. In the room is further installed the dimmable and the black light, and a control unit. Using video projector, DVD player and speakers Helzle's 40 minute sequences and Reger's "univers of sounds" are recorded and projected. Together with the lighting effects of the lighting installation, this gives a well endlessly combinatorics different image, sound and therefore state of the room.