media artist

"ICH BIN WIR_I AM WE" Kloster Schussenried, 2014

"ICH BIN WIR_I AM We" is a comprehensive exhibition of mixed media artist Wolf Nkole Helzle. The programmatic title refers to its participatory projects. The exhibition in the former cells of the Monastery, shows the most important stages of his artistic career in an as yet unseen scope, including key works as the "Homo Universalis" with a 2249 faces scoring gallery, deliquescent countenance of the morph and Helzles remarkable self-portraits.

Interactive installations, among kaleidoscopic fragmented portraits and portraits with sightless eyes without a face - a wide range! The artist shows inner and open faces, poetic abstractions, meta- and anti-portraits. They are always part of a whole - some move over as morphing, slip away to a shadow or form, layer by layer, a new face, a collective being. Helzle wants to feel his own body. Exhaustion, affection, joy, pride and pain are part of his art. In his face-to-face visualizations the artist appeals to our own vulnerability, our "thin skin", our desire for experience a physical reality beyond language and its conventions.


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