media artist

Landscapes & Seascapes 2021

Photographic Impressionism, new images

With the new series "Digital Painting - Landscapes of the Swabian Alb" I applied for the tender of the Ministry of Science, Research and Art of the State of Baden Württemberg. The application stated that I use new techniques in my photography, which focus on the selected location in the Swabian Alb from above as well as from all sides and many angles, from far away and in close detail.

With the scholarship in my pocket, I spent a few weeks on the Swabian Alb.

During a week of field research on the island of Rügen at the end of October, I extended this new form of encounter with nature to the Baltic Sea. It was there that the Seascapes series was created.

Landscapes 2021 Swabian Alb (zur Vergrößerung auf ein Bild klicken)

Landscapes & Seascapes 2021 Island of Ruegen (zur Vergrößerung auf ein Bild klicken)

Landscape 2020, FineArtPrint on Aludibond, 250 x 140 cm, Edition 1