media artist

just happened

"For a long time I carry a desire in me to relieve events lying in the time from their time and condense into a single image. Now, the time seems ripe for putting this desire into action and it happen to me more and more such "usable" operations, which I also log in minute detail with the camera and afterwards merge into one. "

"The basis for this request, the preoccupation with the theme of time, so the apparent ubiquitous presence of past, present and future. It seems to me more and more as if this division was made to assign operations to categorize, such as the seasons.

When I look exactly, I have the impression that this time does not really exist - beyond the auxiliary construct. The only thing is there for me to understand the present moment - and this is as it were eternal -, since it is always now. As soon as I am dealing with something that has taken place in the past, I "borrow" a piece of the present moment - so I'm not really here then? In the case of the future is to understand this better for me: If I think about tomorrow, for example, I am concerned, I am not in the tomorrow but I use the Now to imagine the future. The morning itself will of course be different than what I can imagine, because it is then - tomorrow - just now. With all the ways to make this now. "