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I AM WE in Birmingham [09.-16.5.2016]

5. international I AM WE_usermeeting in Birmingham [09.-16.5.2016] with the theme of IDENTITY

This year's meeting will take place in Birmingham from 9. - 16th of May. As you perhaps know, Iris Bertz invited us to visit her adopted town and country. The organization team with Iris Bertz, Justus Theinert and myself had a first tour to this amazing city in November 2015.
I couldn´t stop photographing and you´ll find the results here:

Once a year a group of people from different countries, who work with the Germany based social media artist Wolf Nkole Helzle, meet up to learn from each other.

For the 5th meeting in 2016 Iris Bertz invited the group to come to Birmingham for a week with the theme of “IDENTITY”.

From 9. – 16th of May the participants will meet Birmingham with all its different aspects and different communities to exchange ideas, experiences, to learn from each other and to create the Birmingham Matrix, an amazing multidimensional portrait of the city in the heart of UK.

On Saturday 14th of May, there will be a official celebration with the finished Birmingham Matrix and all the people involved.

Here are some impressions

Organizing team: Iris Bertz, Prof. Justus Theinert, Wolf Nkole Helzle

Partners: Still Walking, Birmingham City University (Visual Communications Department), Impact Hub Birmingham, Digital Humanities HUB of Birmingham University, Chinese Community, Ravidassias´ Community, Christiane Worth and others.