media artist [24.-26.5.2019]

interactive-image will be given a new name!

 "Communication on the level of being."


Until today the world was fixed, and time rushed by

Now the time is fixed, and the world will be created anew every moment.

How can such a thing be displayed in the create.interactive-image diary? In order to answer this question, we will have many opportunities at this year's meeting in Obermarchtal from 24 to 26 May 2019

Program cii_meeting 2019

Friday afternoon:        arrival around 2 pm / coffee and cake from the buffet / walk / "communication on the level of being" introduction and discussion of practical implementation by and with Wolf Nkole Helzle / dinner from the buffet / evening get-together

Saturday:                    "Communication on the level of being" Card reading with Yshouk Ursula Kirsch / Lunch at the Gasthaus Adler in Obermarchtal / “Complexity and emergence” („Sense the now emerging future.“) Talk with Klaus Haasis / Coffee & cake from the buffet / "Our body recreates itself every moment" Eutonie with Karin Fietzek (please bring mat and pillow) / Dinner from the buffet / Party: the dancefloor is open

Sunday:                      Walk / "Questions and answers, summary" by and with Wolf Nkole Helzle / Departure around noon

Feeding:                     In accordance with create.interactivity, the catering is planned likewise: a buffet will be organized for coffee and cake as well as for dinner and drinks, which the participants themselves will take care of. We want to make bringing, preparing, eating, clearing and washing up a common act. This weekend we can use the professional kitchen in the neighboring room.

Bring with you:           Good footwear, mat/cushion/blanket, contribution to buffet, drinks

Fees:                         A fee of € 10 will be charged to cover the expenses.

Funding:                    To co-finance the platform of € 500 per year I am very happy about donations (donation box on site or by bank transfer).


We are looking forward to seeing you!

Wolf Nkole with the organisation team Angelika, Mirja, Yshouk und Manfred


Atelier im Petrushof, Maierhofweg 12 (Entrance on the other side, opposite Schulgasse 6), 89611 Obermarchtal, +49-170-1887140