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I am we_interactive image

The global net-art project by Germany based media artist Wolf Nkole Helzle is designed specifi cally for audience participation. Using a specially developed internet platform, it enables people of all nations to create their personal photographic diary. From all the photos, an overall picture is computed which interactively changes continuously with the upload of new images . In addition the participants will be able to share ideas about their images. The constantly changing over-all picture „inter active image“ will also be shown in art exhibitions separately.

New Flyer 2016

Three component parts
To realize the project this internet platform was developed. The platform consists of two parts, which are connected through several communications.

Part 1, Individuum
The users are uploading one image daily into my diary. The image shall be photographed by themselves and shall speak about their world: ” What are you facing? What is important for you? What makes you cry, laugh, happy, sad, silent? Where is your love? What is your world today? How is your environment? How is your family, your house, your landscape…?” An image diary.

Part 2, Collectiv
From all images, uploaded into the diaries, a overall picture will be generated. This picture is changing all the time with the upload of new images. There are two versions of this overall picture. The one is an overview of all pictures of a time period, the other is a formation as a mosaic image. The base of these mosaic images are the profil pictures of the users. There is a zoom function for to zoom into the unsorted kind of overall picture and for to comment a photo.

Part 3, Communication
Registered persons can comment pictures of other users and they can also visit the diaries of other users.

Part of an artwork
Together with the participation one is an activ part of an artwork and have with all other users the whole world at home.

W. N. Helzle: “Often I imagine, that all what I´ll experience in my whole live the people on this planet experience every second, minimum. And so I´m very interested in the views to our lifes from everywhere people exist. I am very curious to see what´s happening. Thank you for participating from all over the world. And please inform your friends too.”

Preliminary work Selfportraits

„For the period of a year, from May 31, 2010, to May 30, 2011, Wolf Helzle took photographs of his surroundings; 365 pictures – one for each day, for each sentiment. He calls the work Self-Portraits. The sky, the clouds, a crucifix, delicate blossoms – it seems to feature everything. Irritating close-up shots juxtapose limitless images of the distance. The materiality of his photographs stimulates the fantasy and stirs the senses. However, what he is interested in are the moments in between. The size of postcards, the images give an account of gazes out of the studio window or views when one is out and about; they speak of birthdays and death, warmth and cold, friendship and accidental encounters. Step by step, or so it appears, the media artist attempts to explore his life, his world.
As early as in the rhetoric of antiquity, places were considered repositories for images where one could again call on, retrieve thoughts. Step by step, the rhetor went from place to place, image to image: he only accessed the landscape while walking. Often devoid of humans, but not abandoned, moved and yet becalmed, Helzle’s landscapes encourage meditative contemplation. The observer is the observed; one is what one sees.
Several years ago, the artist took photographs of himself every day in order to determine who he is. He was often surprised: I am another! Because as an individual one cannot survey everything, one has to open oneself up to the other’s gaze, exchange places with him or her. For I and Other are like a torn set of twins. In the variety of the images, our world time and again requires encryption, a dialogue. In this way, art becomes of field of experimentation.“
Ricarda Geib, art historian

I AM WE lecture, 2013