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I AM WE_diary of humanity

participative climate change art project collecting activities for survival

“In early 2020, I was deeply focused on what I as an individual and what we as human beings can do to deal with the consequences of climate change. The first picture showed a huge mountain that is frightening and cannot be mastered. Looking closer, I saw a path that offers itself to be walked, step by step. And so I decided to follow this path.”

Worldwide there are many small and large activities in all areas of life to deal constructively with the transformations caused by climate change. This diary in the form of a blog was created by the internationally networked media artist Wolf Nkole Helzle and is actively managed and accompanied by him so that as many of these activities as possible are accessible to many people. There are already so many examples of a new way of dealing with the earth, which will certainly interest other people. In this way, habits of life can be changed step by step, towards an appreciative, preserving attitude towards that which surrounds and nourishes us: From a new attitude new ideas and new possibilities arise. The diary has an interdisciplinary structure, no area of life is excluded (except: messages of violence and hatred are explicitly undesirable).


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