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Gehütete Geheimnisse (guarded secrets)

An interactive video installation by Wolf Nkole Helzle

We are constantly on the run from the dictatorship of the past to a promising future. We skip because of fear, in a hurry, thoughts or accidentally? the present, and therefore the only instance on which deeds effects.

The video installation was introduced  to the public 2010 in Tübingen in the "room of Electrical art" for the first time, that caused by the recent situation, the discussion of this special place and the invitation of Serge le Goff. Beitrag von Radio Wüste Welle anhören

A parable on the life and perception of reality: Visitors can see only that part of the projected video on the wall, which "hides" their face surface. When no one acts as a connector in space, nothing is to be seen and also the sound ceases.