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JavaLand, Brühl [24.-25.03.2015]

From the 24th-25th March 2015 is the social media art project > myMatrix < part of the Java community in the innovation LAB in Java land in Brühl. All estimated 1,000 participants will upload their images to the server. On the second day a great 3D mosaic invites for interactive exploration.

Join over: participatory art project in JavaLand 2015

We are very pleased that the well-known social media artist Wolf Nkole Helzle is our guest at the JavaLand this year. He brings us his (developed with Java) newest art project, which goes by the name myMatrix: An interactive, community-and server-based 3D mosaic. So you and all the other 1,000 participants are encouraged to make you a picture of this year's JavaLand, which is then made as a puzzle from your and other 10,000 individual images. All your personally important 10 to 20* pictures with experiences and impressions please record on the first day including night by phone and upload it to the server of myMatrix. The development of the mosaic you can follow in the area of INNOVATION-LAB and from 12 clock of the second day on there is a large beamer projection of earnings, including a touch screen to navigate individual in the JavaLand community imagery.

* such as rooms, places, people, situations, news, surprises. Artistic value is placed on your personal view here ever.

More information about the project can be found here:

P. S. myMatrix is developed along with the InterFace AG, her IF Lab and with the support of the Technical University of Munich, Institute for applied computer science / Cooperative systems